Happy New Year To All

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Apr 21, 2011
Ojai, CA
Wishing all pigs and there families and friends a great an prosperous New Year. Look forward to any and all rendezvous that may include said pigs.

Cheers swine!!!!
Happy New Year Gents!!!

Happy New Years to all the fine folks on this great site. Hope all are healthy and happy.
All the best for the coming year!:cheers:
Less than 6 months until we're in the wallow on the North Rim.
Happy 2018!
Hope you all had a Merry Pigsmas and have a great Sow year.
Hey you all, I will make a challenge for everyone in here this year - take care of yourself.

If you are overdue, or just plain due for a checkup, get your medical checkup!

I started this morning like many Saturdays, I went to swim practice with a local Masters workout group. One of my fellow swimmers died at the pool this morning. It could have been a heart attack, don't know yet.

Don't postpone dealing with any medical issues you have this year!
Terrible. Dont know what's going on but 3 of my co-workers lost their fathers over the NYE weekend.
Yeah us guys do put this stuff off way too much, lousy.

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