Happy B-Day Kevin (Tools-R-Us)!

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Jun 5, 2006
Sonoran Paradise
:cheers:Another fine year and a new set of Moab Memories:) - altho I missed this year:frown: - ah well...may the next year bring you health, wealth and good wheeling:bounce:!
:cheers: Kevin...

And thanks for the advice on the proper way to polish a turd...

fortunately, with age cognition and memory....uh, I got distracted, what was I gonna say?
Happy Birthday Kevin!
Happy birthday old man.

-Spike :D
Happy Birfday dude!
I'm gonna be 39 this year so you must be what...

ancient :flipoff2: :beer:
Happy birthday to you, happy birth day to you, Happy birthday Mr ToolsRUs, happy birthday to you!
Like a fine wine, people get better with age...

With a fine wine, people look better with age...

:cheers: Kevin!

I was gonna say some thing about Keith Richards having you beat......;p
So you have decided to get older? I am your little brother, and I am not going! I feel better every year, and I won't let you cry in the beer!
Every time that I see you, you act as if you were younger than before. You haven't changed all that much from the years when we were teens together. You were always the better driver, always the one who could bring an inferior car through rough trails, always capable.
Don't bring this "old man" crap to me. I am not buying this story.
You will get old when you get damned good and ready, and not before that day! I love you man, and happy day!
Happy Birthday Kevin!

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