H55f fifth gear linkage real time help.

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Mar 8, 2005
Memphis, TN
As I was resealing my Transfer case, the spacer on the back of the h55f came loose and fell down on the output shaft of the tranny. I ended up with a detent ball on the floor. Also now the black rubber grommet no longer connects to that silver piece. I would try to reconnect them but my silver piece doesn’t not have anthing protruding to fit up under slot of thst shaft inside the black rubber grommet. Mine is round. Very confused.

I had a ball bearing fall out when I did my tcase rebuild. The first pic is it all together, the second with the red circle is
where it has to go. What I did was hold the ball bearing in place with a dowel pin, it hides inside the outer case. AS you
slide the case on, the plunger with the dual detents pushed my dowel out, securing the ball bearing in it's spot.
This is the best I can explain, if that is in fact where it came from. If the 5th housing came off, I'd bet this is the one.

Thanks for the reply. You are right.

That’s where the ball bearing came from. I figured what was confusing, the dial pivot is correct that is attached to the spacer. It just came I hooked from the linkage internally and externally. The spacer is completely off the back of the trans now while the transmission is fully mounted on the vehicle. I am having a very hard time getting it back on with the topxovet of the transmission on trying to fit the dual pivot back into the external and internal linkages.

Does the dual pivot go underneath the 5th gear linkage arm that protrudes from the top cover ( the rubber covered thing in first pic)???? I need to know for sure whether the pivot goes above or below. Ie whether the recessed portion of the linkage arm is facing down or up. Thank you! Sorry for the incoherent posts!
Does the dual pivot go underneath the 5th gear linkage arm that protrudes from the top cover ( the rubber covered thing in first pic)????
I think so. I found it pretty intuitive to put back together but it was on a bench, being in the truck makes it a bit awkward.
This pic is a bit more clear but its' all I have. Let me see if I can find a Toyota diagram

Thanks for the pic and the diagram
Both were helpful. I was able to get it back on correctly, I think, while the transmission was on the truck. I had to separate the dual pivot and then wiggle it back together while putting each piece on separately as I put the spacer on the transmission. Quite difficult without removing the top cover bur was able to get it done. Thanks everyone.

I marked the dual pivot alignment with whiteout before separating it. And restaked the bolt on the truck. Was quite hard to reach. And eventually replaced the detent ball and spring.
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For anyone who’s working on their transfer case with their h55f on the truck becareful when freeing the forward half of the t case From the transmission Spacer. Lesson learned the hard way.

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