h42 4 speed transmission problem

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Feb 14, 2009
Portland, Oregon
made a rookie mistake running Naches to Gov Meadows, rolled backwards and then shifted to reverse and got set and then first up hill only to find hard to shift into first.. found a flatter spot, and second was also hard to shift into, reverse was impossible without engine off and then start up going backwards.. feels like syncro gear is gone in my h42 to me.. opened up the clutch cover, and it all looks ok, no clutch damage, or pressure plate damage seen.. drove it home with not much trouble, except hard to shift into forward gears, and impossible reverse unless engine off..

any ideas??
What do you mean "hard to shift"?

If you mean that it grinds when you try to shift from N into a gear, then then clutch is dragging and needs adjustment or repair.

If you don't mean grinding, then I don't have a clue unless you mean that it won't shift at all in which case it would be stuck in a gear and this could be due to the nose of the shift cane getting out of the proper slot.

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