GSMTR 2015

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Aug 7, 2013
central Fl
Im letting everyone know to plan their vacation time for May 4-9th 2015. same great place as last yr. also make sure to reserve a cabin!! last yr i planned on camping, bad move.. it was wet & cold there (by floridian standards) fortunately Carter generously shared the cabin loft.
I do believe I have the same one reserved again this year... I should call and make sure ;)
ahh yes Carter any excuse to call the lovely ladies at the frt desk. ummmm not exactly the eye candy we are used to seeing here in the big city... but in the mountains...
make sure Carter brings a spare key with him this year. And Dom-- Get a damned cell phone would ya please. :moon:.
Ted, I don't need a spare key anymore... I "fixed" that problem...
Did you get Dom a cell phone?

Lemme guess?

Domonick is easier to contact via Mud PM than telephone
yeh yeh bahh blahhh blahh you high tech people with your fancy "star treak" like communicators. Dominick...
Cell phones have been around since 1948.

Isn't it about time you joined the guys from WWII?
worst part is his CB is the most modern form of communications he has :moon:

got ya an early Xmas Present Dominick, portable and includes a first generation Otterbox case though I suspect you'll have a tough time tak'n pictars with it.


come complete with a spare battery. :rimshot:

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I think that works on his 40, too. Just in case THAT battery dies.
And you can take it fishing! At least if it is the old school field phone.
Deo (Mel Lowe) and I will be there! I am calling off for the whole week.
Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 9.43.51 PM.png

Ka chow!
I will be going up as well.. Hopefully the wifey wont be to pissed off.. LOL
Hopefully the wifey wont be to pissed off.. LOL

HAH! Um... yeah...

Frank, you get your center diff fixed yet? You need that thing up there ya know ;)

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