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May 28, 2004
'in dat der briar patch'
Was watching a show yesterday on History channel I think about grilling / Bar-B-Q ing and they were showing some of the latest and greatest technology. I grill all year round don't care what the outside temp is, its just how I prefer to prepare meat. Now I know that we have had about a dozen grill discussions and I also know what the general concensus is on those due to the fact that I have participated in most.

However some of this new technology that is available has me thinking that somewhere down the line my Weber Genesis is going to need to be replaced and I'm probably gonna go all Stainless Steel with a built in of rather substancial size due to how often I use it and how often my wife and I like to entertain.

Does anybody have any experience with these new gas models, especially the ones with infared burners for searing. Temps attaining 650+ depending on what you desire. Noah and I have both always agreed that the sear delivered to the meat is probably one of the most important factors when preparing meat and my old grill wil give me 550 at best. If I want to go to the trouble to crank up the BGE then I can get 700. These new models though intrigue me and have me thinking of where I will go next. My grill is 10 years old and still going strong but could always be a hand me down to a younger family member.

I bought one of the huge expensive ones from Costo - was about $950? It looked great and was all stainless, but it only cooked in two modes - burning meat and slightly burning mean.

I started cooking on high with the lid open because it got too hot with the lid closed, even on low heat. Would be great for cooking rare meat that is singed on the outside like Flemming's steakhouse for example and horrible for chicken and fish. It had three huge burners, if you cooked with one or more off, it only made the one turned on hotter. If you cooked with just one burner on low, it did not get hot enough. After a few years, the burners started to get funky and not work evenly. Was not super impressed, kept it for a few years and sold it when I moved for more than I thought I could.

Before this I had a cheaper Webber gas grill that lasted 10 years and is still going strong now - I gave it away. I prefer it any day and will buy another.

Perhaps because it's not a great brand and sold at Costco? I have a Viking stove in my kitchen, even though it gets really hot - it also turns waaaay down to a very low simmer.

Just random thoughts.

I bought one of the huge expensive ones from Costo - was about $950? It looked great and was all stainless, but it only cooked in two modes - burning meat and slightly burning mean.


My brother in law has the same issue with one he purchased at Sears. It'd be nice if you could test drive one for a week or two. I am interested in upgrading also..
If you have a Barbeques Galore - Welcome to Barbeques Galore! nearby I would pay them a visit. The guy who runs my local outlet really knows his gas grills and they have many to choose from. I personally prefer to keep my grilling low tech and use hard wood charcoal.
I have one of these : PGS K Series Barbecues and have been burning it for about 6 years and it still looks new. It works great! I run it on high for about 10 minutes to warm it up, throw on the steak and turn it down to the lowest setting. My steak comes out perfect every time. It wasn't cheap (about 1k then) but it works great, all the stainless is guaranteed for life as are the cast top and bottom. If I load up the grate I get a little hotter in the middle than the sides but nothing like the hot spots I have had in other grills. My Brother in law has a Weber which is good, but nothing like mine.
Grillin is about versatility if you want to grill a lot of different stuff.

If you can, get a model that has both the old school burners and the new infra red burners. The infrared are great at searing steaks and the regular burners are better for things that need a lower temperature. You can swap burners in a minute. I got it from BBQs Galore, which is a chain in the SW US.

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