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Mar 3, 2015
Lonely Nevada
Reno Nevada, United States
After much agonizing and hand-wringing.. we have decided that our great little trailer needs to collect some dollars and explore someone else. It is an extremely well built 820 lb military knock-off. Fully loaded as we use it.. right around 1200 lbs. The roof top tent is a brand new Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 4. So a king-sized bed and mondo room. A bit heavy of a tent for an adventure vehicle roof in my opinion.. but perfect letting the trailer take the weight. Plus the entry to the tent is only 55" off the ground. Every zipper has a Maxpedition Large Zipper Pull installed. Includes two rain flys. Aluminized version which really works great to lower the inside temp and the original. Also we purchased the full coverage Weatherhood. Sad part for us tho' and a bonus for the next owner.. we have only slept in the tent twice and never on the mattress that came with it. We used an Autana 3 and needed more room so we picked the Kukenam up at Tepui in Aptos in January 2020. Well there was a problem getting out for all of last year. Hence no use and like absolute brand new.

The trailer also has an installed 15 gallon water tank. The water outlet fitting is a swivel AN fitting. We have about a 6' hose to attach and gravity works great. Additional we have a 3 gallon shower tank in one of the Pelican cases. Two 20L Nato fuel can carriers. Maxtrax carrier utilizing Maxtrax lockable mounting pins. Two Pelican 1650 cases and an 11 lb propane tank. To make off-road towing perfect there is a Lock n' Roll hitch. There is no lid on the trailer. However I devised mounting a canvas tarp that works excellent. No water or dust in any appreciable amount gets in. There is a rear 2" receiver that holds a support when the trailer is used unhitched. Tires are in good shape. Rims are 5 lug Jeep pattern. Leaf sprung with shocks. Within the last 1,000 miles I replaced the wheel bearings and seals. Axle specs out to 2,500 lb version.

The only real downside is there is no trailer brakes. Even with our underpowered 80 series brakes we have never felt a need to add them. Even tho' during our downtime in 2020 I entertained the idea for something to do... adding Timbren suspension. The trailer construction would make it a straight forward upgrade. However I could not justify the cost since it just didn't need it. Lastly.. no electrical. So no lights or water pump.. etc. We wanted it light and tried hard to not add a bunch of stuff.

The Maxtrax and Nato fuel cans are not included.

We are in the Reno area. Would consider delivering within 150 miles.


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