adventure trailer

  1. C

    Gas Mileage USA vs Canada

    I just got back from a trip to Banff with my adventure setup and was surprised by a gas mileage difference between fuel in Canada and the US. I get a max of about 12.7 mpg with the setup pictured in the US, but from the very first fill up that mileage went up to 14-15 mpg in Canada. Upon...
  2. Keith Raffel

    For Sale  Off Road / Expedition / Adventure Trailer, Costa Mesa, CA

    ADVENTURE / OFF-ROAD / EXPEDITON TRAILER “The “Condo” a nickname given by fellow off roaders at Pismo Beach, California The Condo is at home in a campground, the mountains, beach or desert. Just imagine, after a great day of off roading and exploring, come back to camp, have a hot shower...
  3. Ian Mac

    SOLD  Delete

    I know they're new to the US market, but for anyone that's looking to divest of their UEV-440 (might even be interested in a 490) I'd be happy to speak with you.
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