Got a new Pig grill.

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Dec 17, 2006
I just picked up this grill and haven't seen one with the letters stamped out seperately before.Has a little bend in it but in great shape otherwise.Got the bezels with it too.Anyone know what years these were made for?
Added a pic of my other grill as a comparison.

I just noticed that I put this in the classified section.The grill is not for sale.I'm just curious about it's origin.
Pig Grill 001.jpg
Pig Grill 002.jpg
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Here's a couple pics of the back.
Looks factory to me.
The guy I got it from took it off a Pig he scrapped several years ago.He thought it was a '74 or '78 or '79.:hmm:
Pig Grill 003.jpg
Pig Grill 005.jpg
My early '78 has the old style...must just be a '79 thing. I like it
Very cool Steve! I haven't seen that before.

Is the piggy mobile? Are you bringing it to 'Cruiser Days? We need a '55 presence there and I won't be bringing mine this year.
Thanks for the responses everyone.
Seems like Pigs got a grill makeover for their final couple of years.Not sure if I'll use this one right away but I will be hanging on to it.
Charles,I'm certain that the 55 will be attending Cruiser Days this year.I'm looking to relocate into the interior sometime soon but should still make it down.The old girl won't be anywhere near complete but it'll be a driver.:D
I was hoping both of our rigs would be there.It would almost be record breaking to have two pigs in the same place.We'll have to spread the word better this year to try getting more swine lovers there.
Are you coming here in time for Cruiser Days? Bringing the 60?
Talk to you soon,:cheers:
Are you coming here in time for Cruiser Days? Bringing the 60?
Talk to you soon,:cheers:

Yep, I'll be there with the '60, at least that is the plan right now. I still have a piece for your '55 here that I'll be bringing up. The rear tailgate inner "wiper", brand new!

Maybe I'll bring the '55 next year, we'll see.

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