Gm dizzy on 2F?

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Oct 1, 2010
Lubbock Tx
OK so when I rebuild my 2f last year I went whole hog and the only thing reused was head, block and crank, with machine work. So since I went that far I replaced all the bolt on's on the out side, with a Trollhole carb( great product) and had FJ40JIM do my dizzy for a desmog(also great work) While looking at all this stuff left over I thought I have a perfect kit to carry back country If I just had a another dizzy. I've been searching about the GM dizzy and it looks like a good way to get back to city if mine broke. So does anyone know year and engine size of GM dizzy that fits the 2F? Thanks beforehand to the all knowing MUD members on this Forum.
Sorry. I don't like that idea at all. Although certain GM dizzys will fit and work, how long they work is anybody's guess, and a dizzy failure is often catastrophic.
If I was stuck in the outback of Kansas with a bad dizzy, I might run a GM long enough to get me to the nearest Toyota parts counter. No longer.
Better idea, IMNSHO, is to find an identical dizzy to what you run. Or upgrade to a bigcap, keep yours for a spare.
I run a '69 dizzy with Pertronix guts, so my trailspare is a '69 dizzy with Pertronix guts.
Point one, GM is cheap and all I want is one that will get me back to town if need be, Toyota dizzy would cost more for something I will never need hopefully.

Point two. After running back roads for over 40 years I have found you never can say never. I have helped people with new rigs that broke down miles from no where, in fact did just that last year with a young father that had his rad fan blow up and ripped his rad full of holes. Was able to get him back on road and his family back home and he had a 2010 so you just never know.

Point three, if I had a spare Toy dizzy would send it to FJ40Jim, he makes them like new, but I don't have one and around here I can get a GM for next to nothing and do the mods like the toyota gear so it won't hurt my cam while I get back to town, but on the other hand finding a used Toy dizzy around here is next to impossible and would cost a lot.

Just with all the spare parts like water pump, alt ,belts and the like would like to throw in a dizzy to my box of spare parts that rides on my trailer and as far as running toyotas 22 years I've had this one (84 FJ60) a little longer that that but know what you mean
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well, you could probably get a '70-'74 vacuum retard dizzy for next to nothing from someone here on 'Mud. Nobody wants those anymore. I've given away a few. They'll fit your cam, they'll run.
Thanks. I'll look into that, since I de-smoged when I rebuilt and had Jim recurved my 84 dizzy that is kind of what I have now. Kind of nice. one vac line to dizzy just like when I was a kid. And no comments about age please :beer:
I'm probably older than you, my 'Cruiser certainly is, and I've had it longer.
As I understand, there is quite a bit of 'Cruiser consciousness in Texas. You may find it beneficial to contact locals and attend swapmeets. That's what I would do.
Wrong part of Tx...Dallas is 7 hours away and Austin is 9 hours away. No 40s or 60s in the yards to get parts off of here. What you saying your cruiser was made before 52?
All you old farts on here. Y'all are my Dad's age :)

I've also had one distributor fail on me. It was a $300 HEI unit. Guess what's in the truck now?

Yep. OEM.

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