Glenn Beck has a pig?

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you almost got me! HAHA!
you almost got me! HAHA!
awe s***, I triple doubled myself
I know he has a 40 - it's posted on his facebook page.

Yeah that's the one. Seats are good, like the black upholstery. Gauges look pretty trick, white wagon wheels seem like an obvious choice for the two tone with the stock colors. I want to figure out how to do that driveshaft pRkng brake set up on another ongoing project I have. Even rich people have rusty roofs on their fj55's
Yeah, I was thinking, if it's the same one as on E-Bay, then it has a lot of rust issues. Maybe he had it all fixed.
It’s getting a 6BT , nv4500 with 205, plus a lot more. The spring over is newly completed.
The engine in it was a rebuilt?(?) mid 80’s 2f, 4 speed and split case. I am trying to buy it all, but they want $2500 for used engine ect...
What is with the 6BT fantasies I keep seeing lately?
They run forever and get great mileage. Decided it would be too much fab work to make it fit in mine.

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