FZJ 80 Conversion Top 1HD-T

Sep 28, 2002
Kamloops, BC Canada

We started out six months ago thinking about a FZJ80 converting from gas to diesel or bio diesel.

The project seemed strait forward after speaking with several people, some of the advice was not correct. Plus the fact that the engine came without the auto tranny made things even more interesting.

After recieveing the engine and deciding the auto tranny was to be used, our next hurdle was to locate one. A couple weeks later it was found in Japan, what was suppose to be a couple weeks turned into months for the delivery.

You can more than likely see were I am going with this, lots of stress and a less than happy customer.

The tranny showed up less some of the important parts to make it work with the engine, these parts were ordered a month ago and I was under the impression this would be a overnight or three delivery. Well, it is now three weeks later and no sight or even a delivery date.

Big lesson learned, never purchase a engine without full electrics and all accessories attached along with a majority of the wiring(although not necessary).

No matter how long you work with landcruisers, I am sure almost every day you will learn something new.

A little insight for anyone contemplating this install.

Apr 27, 2003
Salt Lake City
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There was an FJ80 with a 3fe to 1HD conversion for sale awhile ago in Park City, Utah (nearby me). Guess the engine had been sourced from SOR. Guy that looked at the truck said it was a good conversion. Truck had like 300k miles on it and the guy still wanted $12k for it. You might try Andre Shoumatoff (hangs out on pirate4x4 - under your same ID?), he's big into diesel, I think he's converting his 55 over to a Cummins right now.

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