Fusible Link Rating and electrical help. Already searched.

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Sep 1, 2003
Dito loob ng kubo kubo ko
I apologize in advance for the ridiculous question I'm about to ask!

Here it goes anyway, what is the amp rating to the fusible link? I had 5amp in there, but they continue to blow. This happens when I trn on the headlights without the engine running. The parking lights are fine but when I pull the switch further out to turn on the HLights, it blows. It also blows when I turn the igntion key beyond the ACC position.

The whole deal blows! Could it be my voltage regulator?

Its on a 2F, manufacture date 3/79.

Thanks in advance.

Doug M.
Are you talking about the one that is directly off the + side of the batt? or you talking about fuses inline that are not in the fuse box
I kept blowing fuses in my 2/79 inline and it ended up being the fusible link connected to the batt.
Its the fusible link that is directly off of the battery.


Stock electrical system, correct? The ammeter pegs at 30 amps, doesn't it (don't know about a '79, but earlier LCs do)?
The fusible link has to be rated at 30 amps minimum.

You can't go wrong with a 30 amp link (your electrical system is protected). If you still have occasional trips, increase it by 5 amps.

Do you have a source for various fusible links, or have you got it fused?

Hope that helps.
Todd Bull.
Thanks Todd. I'll give that one a shot. Lord knows I've bought enough fuses in the last couple of days to have a spare or two or ten in my case!

Thanks again,

I'm confused, a fusible link is not a fuse(ATO or glass) but a piece of wire that will go before the harness does.

You can get fusible link wire at NAPA, it comes in 10/12/14/16 ect guages.

the OEM fusible links are discontinued you must make your own.

now on my 82 fj40's there is a fuse(s), behond the fusible link.....if this whats blowing. They are taped with yellow tape to the harness from the factory.

john h
Pimp, thats the one I'm talking about, the glass fuse(s)(theres two of them) thats taped with yellow. It was inside a black box, small fuse protector type gizmo.

Thats the pair that keeps burning out at least one of them.


If you are talking about the pair of fuses that connect on either side of the fusible link and go to the ammeter, they are 1 amp. The reason that they blow is that you have a bad connection in the fusible link. Replace the fusible link with one the same gauge and lenght. The fusible like serves as an external shunt for the ammeter so that you don't need to be carrying 60A into the cab and back out.
Thanks guys. I really do appreciate the help.

No luck. I am giving up. I plan on a frame off resto on this one anyway. I think I'll just replace the wiring harness when I've got the body off.

Just thought working on it initially would be easier if it ran.


Doug M.

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