Fumes in Cabin with Soft Top Open

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Aug 21, 2017
New York
If I fully open my Bestop Tiger Soft Top, a vacuum seems to be created that brings the exhaust into the cabin. My tail pipe is located immediately behind driver's side rear wheel. Interestingly, when I leave the rear flap open I can see it getting sucked into the cabin. Opening windows, side vents do not change this back pressure. Any ideas? Can the exhaust be redirected successfully?
Is the tail pipe directed down or just out to the side? You can chop off the end and buy a new tip and clamp at the auto parts store. Play around with angles of directing it downward and to the side of the vehicle.
I have had that same problem with my soft top, and leaving the rear flap zipped closed really helps. My exhaust is actually kicked out a little bit further, but it still is in the same location behind the drivers rear wheel.

It isn’t that big of a deal if you have all of the flaps open and the doors off... Do you have your doors on?
Would help if full information was included. Year, what engine and where the exhaust tailpipe is. I have run my 68 FJ40 FHT with FST bows and Kayline top with no problem when the side and back are rolled up. Have original engine and exhaust. The tailpipe is in the back left corner heading out the side but angled a little to the back and down. In the past with hard top on when I opened the back hatch and rested it on the spare tire the fumes we're awful. I added 77+ vent windows to the sides panel and no fumes.
Tail Pipe Position

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