fuel delivery problems on TBI

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Dec 13, 2002
Knee deep in hookers and gin
I haven't researched it too much, but the Cruiser cant go home yet because it seems to run out of fuel above 2000 RPM.

Brand new fuel pump, fuel in the filter, fuel spraying from injectors, but it SEEMS the spray diminishes when the problem happens. Lean backfire when it happens. Idles all day, but stumbles for a second after I let it "run out of fuel". I put new fuel in and blew back into the tank. Strangely, no gas flowed back out of the fuel line after I did this, but it pumps out OK. I cleaned both glass replaceable element fuel filters. The one by the TBI was clean, the one by the tank had some rust in it, but far less than it has had.

Ran the same with and without the gas cap on.

I can't get codes out of the scan tool. I will find out why tomorrow. I will also run a fuel pressure guage on it and a vacuum guage on it tomorrow. I might pop the injectors out and see if I'm getting any crud past the filters too.

Any ideas? This seems to be a thing going around. It's probably a Chinese virus or something. :D

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