FS: SD40 Carb, intake/exhaust manifold, and air filter housing

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Feb 17, 2004
North Augusta, South Carolina
United States

Hey guys, I've got an early Aisan big window carb (SD40), intake/ exhaust manifold (stamped FJ25), and an oil bath filter housing. This set-up should fit any F engine '58-'67 A while back I refurbished these for my FJ45 project but ended up going with a diesel and now have no need for them. The carb. was pulled off a running motor but that was 4 years ago so it should still run, but might benefit from a rebuild. Other than that everything is solid as the pictures show.

You guys already know but this is a fairly hard package to come by these days so I'd like to get $300 plus the ride. If you have any questions please shoot me a PM, and the items are located in North Augusta, SC.

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*edit* I also have another SD40 I'd like to sell, it will need a rebuild, but is complete and in good condition for the age. $100 OBO

How would you like to be paid?
I know I know really old for sale thread but I need a fantasy right about now, and since this doesn‘t say sold, what the heck. I’ll give you $325 plus the ride for the refurbished package right now, in today’s dollars to boot. Let me know JP 😝.
Haha you definitely are hoping against hope on this one Paul 😝 Sorry.

I think I sold these to Tahoe 40/45 and then actually ended up buying the carb back from him and using it on one of my 45 restos.
JP, I saw this not realizing it was an old post and was sad to have missed a SD40 carb with the aisin plate for an incredible price. Thought you might be crazy. Hope you are well!

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