Front Sway bar misalignment.

Mar 21, 2015
Parker, CO
I am in the process of trying to tighten up the road manners on my HDJ, and I was just reinstalling the sway bar after replacing all the bushings. As you can see in the pic, it wants to sit about an inch forward of the axle connection point. This is the same on both sides. I can force it, but it really binds up all the links and cushions. I am running OME 2851's and some 2.5 inch lift caster correction plates giving me 4 degrees of caster. I can't imagine the caster plates could be the culprit? I also attached a pic of the links, but the sway bar is not connected to the axle in that pic, I was just showing how it wants to sit.

I Imagine I could modify the bracket that bolts to the frame in order to get things to line up better, thoughts?

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