Front Pinion Nut part number

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Mar 20, 2008
Flower Mound, TX
I have a leaking front pinion, and was going to replace the seal (90311-38047, for reference), but read that the staked nut should be replaced. I've searched and poured over parts diagrams and cannot find the front nut.

I did see a reference for the rear pinion nut as 90179-22016. but no verification that the front and rear are the same.

Thank you, Dan.
FYI you really can't replace the seal without screwing up the pinion preload because it comes with a crushed sleeve from the factory....

I would advise against doing this yourself unless you understand how a 3rd works, what preload is, and what it takes to set it up properly.
I get this and have read a few threads on it. Still evaluating whether or not to pursue.
We have done a couple here at the spa. No problems so far . Just reset pinion mug back to original position/torque.
The FSM says If you back off torque on pinion nut, replace crush sleeve. Order a solid collar from marlin crawler, make sure Its the one with the corect chamfer so It does not contact the Internal oil seal. On your used differential you should end up with approx. 1.870 with collar and shims. Factory new Is 1.867 when assembled. Differentials are very anal and the fabricater must follow the numbers. Good Luck. !

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