Front end scraaaaaappee scrape scrape...

Sep 17, 2003
Edmond, OK
I just put on an OME 850/863 lift with Mr. Gasket rubber spacers up front. I have noticed -- my wife heard it -- that there is a scraaaaappe coming from the passenger side wheel now that was NOT there before the lift.

I had some other 'Cruiser guys walk with me as I turned and manuvered, listening to the sounds. Here's what we heard...

The scraaaaappe is rotationally related to the wheel turning.
It sounds like thick sheet metal being scraped with that resonating sound.
It does it ONLY when the wheels are turned LEFT.
It does it THE MOST, ON THE PASSENGER SIDE when turning LEFT.
The sound is not as loud but essentially the same from the DRIVER SIDE when turning left.
The sound is NOT heard turning RIGHT.

We didn't touch the brakes or backing plate or anything else for that matter when we did the lift. Just removed the tires and put the stuff on with a 2-poster lift.

Braking is not affected by this scraaaappe. It does not scraaaappe when braking and going straight, infact, braking does not make the noise louder, it scraaaappes on or off the brakes.

Any ideas? What to look at? I'm gonna take the passenger side wheel off tomorrow and have a look-see. I kinda want to go ahead and do a knuckle job but would rather wait a while if I can and not spend the money just yet. I'd like to make it until this spring and not have to contend with the cold weather going on right now ::)

I'm a bit baffled and nervous to find the cause...



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Mar 27, 2003
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Could you have bent a rotor dust shield while you were pulling stuff in and out?

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