Front End Goes "Thunk"

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Jul 30, 2003
The front end of my 40 makes a solid thud sound when the axles is toqued with a hard R turn or change of approach / departure. It seems to come from the L side. There are no boises when I travel down the road. It handles fine. I tried 4wd and took it mellow on some dirt roads with no problems or no hard shift. I replaced the shocks (originals w dt3000s). I am going to lube it up this week. I do not think it is a wheel rub. I am concerned that it is a birf. I am thinking leafs / shackles / wheel bearing stuff maybe too. I do not see anything that looks worn or rubbed. And, again, it handles fine in both 2wd and 4wd. Any thoughts on what it might be or tests I can do to start ruling things out / in? To check birfs do I have to pull them ot is there a test I can do without busting up seals / puling axle? Thanks
Look at suspension components, spring bushings, frame bushings, make sure everything is tight under there. I have a hard time thinking that this is Fing birfield related..You will probably find something loose, or worn, look at(put a wrench/socket on) u-bolts too...

Good luck!

Sounds like it might be a spring bushing. If the rubber is gone it will make a solid thunk when metal hits metal. Mine is starting to do the same thing when it unloads or articulates. I just haven't had the time to change my bushings yet. I even have the new neoprenes but can't stop wheelin' when I should be wrenchin'.
Every FJ40 I have had did that. I heard it also could be spring moving in the spring pack.

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