Front Axle Winch Point

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Nov 15, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
my 80 tends to unload going up steep climbs so being able to winch down the front would be nice on those steeper climbs. Don't know of anyone who has done it on an 80, but how have you guys managed to work the front winch and route it to the front axle? What does your axle mount look like for the winch point? Pics would be greatly appreciated along with any tips (other solutions, advice as to why I shouldn't do it, etc).

(Rear winch is also in the works, but a little easier than the front IMO) Thanks in advance

Most people I've seen take a round 5/8" u-bolt, cut it down so it's just a semicircle, and weld it to the axle housing. Some people go to the trouble of routing their winchline back over a pulley and down to the axle. Others just take it straight from the fairlead to the axle.

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