Found this 55 So Sad

May 6, 2005
Southern Calif.
Sad story I have been checking out this 55 for the last 2 years its in a storage yard in Long Beach I noticed it one day and started placing notes on it but with no responce. A few weeks ago I found out where the office was and drove down at first they had no idea it was there and I am thinking SWEET its been lost in the system and no one wants it in fact the owner said if no ones paying storage fees we want it out of here. Well I found out today they found out who the owner was seems he died several months ago BUT in his will he gave it to a friend. This person was contacted and informed the storage yard owner he was not interested in selling it because it was a gift. So for now it sits in Long Beach next to the ocean Rusting away. :crybaby: I will continue to try to save this baby but its not looking good. :bang: I might have to jump the fence to get cover over it LOL . Wish me luck


The Anti-Leafer
Nov 11, 2002
Dallas, Georgia
Call 'em back up & inform him you're a Land Cruiser nut & would like to restore it. You've been lookin all your life for one of these :pig: blah, blah, blah.... Give him an offer. The key is to not look or act overly excited cuz chances are you don't want the buyer thinkin he's sittin on a pot of gold & jack up the price :rolleyes: I'm not good at that :doh:
Nov 3, 2007
I have a 1970 fj55 that I will sell for $800.00 I was going to use it for parts or restore but will sell out right. The mafg. date is Sept. 1970. I don`t have any paper work on it, but will give you a bill of sale. It needs a complete restoration!!! I live in Riverside;Ca.

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