Found the no spark issue

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Sep 1, 2004
So. Austin, tx
My son's truck died about a month ago and finally had some time to look into the issue... think we found it. Pick-up coil

pick up coil.jpg

pick up coil 2.jpg

pick up coil 3.jpg
Ya think?
Yes. Problem is that it is not a dealer item anymore. Just got off the phone with Sam Stewart. He may be able to get the whole dizzy.
Due to lack of funds for an OEM one, Autozone has the pick-up for $139 for the pickup coil w/90-day warranty OR a complete dizzy with cap/rotor/pick-up coil for $159 w/lifetime warranty. I am leary of AZ electrical parts but my son is a poor college student with a poor dad. Dealer price is around $590. Probably get the AZ complete dizzy. Input???
Don't do the AutoZone route. It will come back to bite you in the ass. Call up jim at He runs a yota wrecking yard. I got a spare OEM dizzy for like 50 bucks. I bet a used dizzy is better than anything AutoZone has...
I had forgotten about Jim... Thanks snob. I will call him on monday...
I agree. I'd go used Toyota before aftermarket. The Toyota one lasted you about 22 years. An aftermarket one might last 22 months... if you're lucky.
I ordered a dizzy from Jim and should be here soon.

Thank you all for the advice & help.


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