Fort fisher

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Jun 30, 2009
I’m headed out to fort fisher Sunday 02 June, Next weekend. Anybody else want to go?
It will be a day trip and I think my buddy and I are thinking of taking the fairy afterwards.
U will have to get a day or weekend pass unless u have or want to get a year pass which is what I got the last time I went.

I figure I would post this up since I know I have talked to some of you about going out there.

The 2 mile entrance deters most people so compared to freeman park fort fisher is nice and quiet.
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"taking the fairy" would be a great band name, although in some ways, maybe troubling. Complete goth/emo/singer-songwriter type . . . or hard core metal or like Celtic rappers or something.
I might be in southport/oak island this weekend. Not sure if I’ll make it to FF but could meet you guys for food / drinks on the southport side of the fairy ride. :p
I need to check with the wife. We love Fort Fisher. Are your wife and kids going?
Have to edit first post.
Just checked the family calendar and my kids have a swim meet on Saturday so going Sunday June 2

At a minimum my boys and I are coming. My buddy from work is bringing his whole family.
Normally would be in, but having a bunch of people from work over that day.
if you're in oak island... you should stop by my parents coffee shop, island joe ;)

I will! Is it fairly new? I grew up there and still have parents there but haven’t spent much time there in the past couple years.
Are we still on for this weekend? We are going to hit the road early Sunday morning.
80 is partially packed up and the whole family is coming out. We are going to try to get on the road early but won’t know until day of. Hopefully arriving around 9ish at fort fisher.

Edited: it’s usually a 3 hourish drive for us so getting in the road around 6ish.
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I’m a maybe. Need to do some things to the 80 and house.
Rolling out around 7ish. Should be airing down in the fort fisher parking lot around 10ish.

If anybody is interested in coming out.
We just finished packing up the truck. I don't know when we will get on the road but we will see you down there.
Awesome time at Fort Fisher even with a few mechanicals with @4LowandSlow and my foxwing awning committing suicide.

We have an annual pass now so we'll definitely be going back.

We were there a few hours. the plan was to get some fishing in but a gust of wind suicided Jonathan’s awning. by the time we were done packing it up we all just started packing up because bad weather was rolling in. We aired up and headed into town at this real good burger joint before getting on the road to head home.

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