Floor covering for rear compartment of FJ60


Dec 5, 2002
What do you guys suggest to replace the carpet in the rear compartment of my 60? I'm not interested in more carpet. I was thinking of Rhino lining or something like that. I saw a diamond pattern rubber mat that SOR or MAF sells (can't remember which), but like everything else they sell, it was sky high for what you get. I think it was close to $150 to cover the bed and the back side of the fold-down rear seat.

Jun 27, 2002
coolcruisers.com (and others) make a nice durable rubber mat that will work. I called to order one last Christmas but they were out :mad:
Feb 20, 2003
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Yeah, definitely do the liner--it'll keep you from getting scratches that can rust. You might be left with a bit of noise and your stuff might shift around a bit if you don't have it secured, but you could always put a rubber mat down over it to solve that. Maybe check out some flooring places to see if they have rubber material you could cut to size. (If you haven't chucked your carpet yet, you could use that as a template.)

I've thought about doing this too since the carpets soaks up moisture and holds onto it for too long.


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You could try to find an '81 BJ60. That was the only year that had vinyl floor covering as standard rather than carpet. I've got the rear vinyl from an '81 that'll be going into the '84 to replace the torn carpet.

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