FJ80 wrong alternator pulley?

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Sep 13, 2019
Hi everyone,

This pulley doesn't look like the rest. I appear to have a Toyota remanfactured alternator on my '91 FJ80.

I've been trying to figure out where a squeal is coming from, and I think it's from the wrong shape of the pulley. But I seem to see pictures of alternators that have pulleys that look similar, so I'm puzzled.


Is this the wrong pulley?

Are 80A and 90A alternators interchangable on the 3FE? It seems like they might've started with 80A and ended up with 90A.

I'm also wondering if pulley alignment may be the issue.

Do pulleys have a bit of a curve normally, or is that just worn in? It just doesn't look like my other pulleys.

Are 1FZs supposed to have non-grooved belts, and 3FEs grooved belts?

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I have no idea what you're referring to regarding the alternator pulley. That's what it's supposed to look like.
The 80 and 90 amp alternators require different brackets. You have a 90 amp unit in the picture, but 91s came with an 80 amp.
You're also missing a belt for the PS pump and smog pump.

3FE Belts.jpg
I had thought that the power steering pump might've been the source of the whine and tried it off. I have a belt going to the P/S pump now.

I guess the pulley is fine then. I'm just perplexed because it looks different than all of the other pulleys on the vehicle. Even the 1FZ's alternator pulley looks more rounded than just a straight V, but maybe that's just age/wear.

Thanks for confirming that it's the right pulley, though. I later found out that this one did indeed come with a 80A, but the previous owner modified the bracket to fit a 90A alternator.

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