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Jul 23, 2007
S.E. Michigan
After getting through here this weekend...

I need some mirrors, so this is where I need some help. I've searched but the results are not coming back with what I looking for. Everybody complains about the small FJ60 Mirrors which i don't think I have so I'd like to know if these are FJ60 Mirrors...



If you know the part number that would be great too.

I believe those are from an fj62. thats what I have. though yours are slightly different. I would post up in the WTB section for a set of fj62 mirrors. Also, I dropped the glass out of mine on the trail and replaced it by cutting a piece to fit, gluing it to a small board and reattaching it with screws top and bottom. Can't be adjusted but it stays in place.
I don't believe they are FJ62 Mirrors, mine are smaller and the glass doesn't adjust, the mirror housing moves on the x and y axis. I just noticed they have European marking on the back side, and they look closer to pictures I've seen of mirrors on 70 series. Maybe they're Canadian FJ60 mirrors.:confused:
if they don't vibrate they likely are real toyota...

62 mirrors are similar - also look at the aussie ones if you have a bit of $$. Those are the best i've tried so far. A bit convex (great for blind spot).



where did you order your aussie mirrors? the ones i got from MAF were junk.
Aussie Mirrors

where did you order your aussie mirrors? the ones i got from MAF were junk.

I ordered my Aussie mirrors for TLC in Van Nuys. Expensive, but I have had them almost 10 years and they are rock solid. sell cheap mirrors for cheap price, quick fix, better then tape

buy a 62 parts rig for 500 and make suer its got the mirrors

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