FJ60 Grill in a FJ62

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Sep 10, 2005
Sumner, WA
Will a FJ60 grill fit in a 62. I have a 62 but really like the looks of the round headlights. Has anyone ever done it?
I think this has been brought up before and if I recall correctly you have to change the front fenders as well. I also seem to recall the fender contour don't exactly match between the 60 & 62.

In other words, yes but it's not a simple swap ;)
You can't use FJ60 grill onto your FJ62 unless you change fenders like cxs said.
fender and core support as well
and valance, and headlight buckets, and corner lamps, and wiring headache to go from four headlights to two headlights, and probably a few other things that are not occurring to me at the moment.
You do not need the fenders, nor the wiring harness. Of the sheetmetal, you need the radiator support and the bottom valance. You also need the headlight buckets and mounting hardware, plus the grille and mounting hardware. How do I know this?
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Well, damn! :eek:

Love it!

Hmmm, maybe those parting out 60's will be getting a flood of inquiries. ;)

Nice Exile, you put this thread to rest quickly

Hah, I KNEW it!! I have been staring at 60 fenders all over town (to the dismay of their owners) trying to tell if there is a difference.....NOT changing fenders makes the 62 to 60 frontend swap very do-able.
Why do you need the radiator core support, Henry? The buckets, brackets, etc. are just welded to the core support. All you should have to do is weld the 60 stuff to the 62 core support, no? I talked to a Cruiser mechanic who had done the conversion several times himself and he never swapped core supports....

88 fj62 TLCA

sixteetoo said:
OK, so let me rephrase that. For those of those that don't want to get into cutting and welding, doing the core support swap is a lot faster/easier. Having a parts truck is the key.
Well, at least your headlights and driving lights match now. As the driver of a white with accent color 62 I have to register my vote for the former Princess look. What else would you expect me to say?
:cheers: Looks great, H.
Exiled said:
OK, so let me rephrase that. For those of those that don't want to get into cutting and welding, doing the core support swap is a lot faster/easier. Having a parts truck is the key.

It sounds pretty straightforward and something I'll do soon. I have the parts but wonder about the headlight wiring. Anything you can share would be appreciated.
Headlight rewiring is fairly straightforward. This was somehting I had to deal with when I swapped a 3FE into a FJ60. You'll have to swap the high and low beam wires on the headlight plug when switching from the rectangular to round bulbs. I can provide more specific information if you need.
Thanks Godwin, specific information would be great. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would appreciate it!
I should be able to pull the info out and have it posted by Wednesday. Right now it's in various forms. The headlight wiring issue is actually rather straightforward but I need to have the info in front of me to explain it.
Sounds great, I'm not up to my elbows in it so a couple days won't make any difference.
**Disclaimer - Electrical stuff confuses me **

When I swapped a 3FE into an FJ60 I used the FJ62 wiring harness. In plugging the round headlights into the sockets which had had the rectangular bulbs, what I discovered was that the high and low operations of the bulb were opposite, ie. high at the switch gave low at the bulb. I then had to sort this out, and what I did not know was that Toyota uses a single 12 v wire for the lights and a ground is switched between the high and low settings (see above disclaimer).

I will present the headlight wiring scheme as I understand it (and try to have it verified). The following diagrams will be of a view of the rear of the lamp.


| |
| |

high comm

FJ62/H4 (I am assuming the FJ62 pattern = that of an H4 bulb)


| |
| |

low common

Therefore, to run round 7" headlights with an FJ62 wiring harness, you would need to swap around the wiring to the appropriate positions.

Within the past year I've gone to IPF lights with Hella H4 80/100 watt bulbs using a Wayne Tangen auxiliary wiring harness and

The improvement in lighting has been dramatic. I followed Wayne's instructions and built my harness knowing that I would have deal with a minor deviation in how it was plugged into the stock harness.

An option to cutting and splicing the stock wiring would be to make pigtails to connect between the stock plug and the headlight. In that manner you could easily swap wires around to confirm that you have things properly wired.

The mulitmeter is your friend.

And I will repeat **Disclaimer - Electrical stuff confuses me **

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