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Nov 5, 2004
I too have started down a rabbit hole and am glad to see there are others who are thinking along similar lines. This thread has a pretty good sampling of 2F and 3F/FE tech knowledge,.
I think my situation and line of inquiry aligns with the thread title and discussion, but, if after reading my situation and questions, you feel I am hijacking, I will start a new thread.

I read through all of @Dustin Messina's Sniper thread and it is FULL of extremely useful information regarding the Sniper EFI install and tuning etc...
I'll try to be succinct as possible:

TL-DR/BLUF: Is it feasible to install the 3FE head, with Chevy SS valves, on a 1986 2F block, and use the 3FE exhaust manifold and 2F intake manifold with the Sniper EFI (in a 1981 FJ40)? Is it worth the effort, or would I be better off selling the built 3FE head and parts and investing that $$ into installing the Chevy valves in my 2F head and run that?

Background details:
My FJ40 spends the vast majority of its time being trailered to events and crawling East Coast off road park trails (2F with 6 into 1 headers, exhaust run inside the frame rails, SOA, 37" tires on beadlocks, H41+Orion 4:1, 4.56 gears, FF rear with ARB lockers front and rear), but I also like to drive it around town, and on the high way at 70 MPH.
I was planning on installing a 2FE into my 40 and I have a 2F block on a stand that I plan to have refreshed/ machined and all the 3FE fixin's to build a 2FE; However, based on my latest research, I am now pretty solidly set on the Sniper kit from @FJ60Cam.
My 3FE head already has the Chevy valves installed and is ready to go.
I would have a machine shop go through the 1986 2F block, crank, and cam, and hone/machine where necessary and possibly install a different duration cam, if it would be worth the expense to noticeably improve trail and street performance.
I'd prefer to continue to run Regular octane fuel.

I understand the 3Fe head is about 2.5" shorter than the 2F head, which could actually help in matching the air filter assembly to the FI assembly.

If this is not on topic, let me know.

Mar 4, 2020
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It is a matter of opinion and whether or not you are a true purist. I totally respect ToyotaMatt's take on the subject. That being said I am very happy with my Sniper. The ease of installation and being able to utilize the stock large cap dizzy and stock coil setup made it a no brainer. I think the most time consuming part was installing, wiring, and plumbing the inline fuel pump. and properly desmogging the truck. The rest was pretty straightforward. I am now to the point of tweaking the settings to my liking after putting quite a few miles on her. I am no ASE certified mechanic but I enjoy tinkering and doing things myself if I can save a buck. I was a little sceptical that I could do the conversion myself but I tackled it and am pretty pleased at the result. Just my two cents for what it is worth...
Jul 28, 2019
i remember as a teenager in 89-91 high school buying rust free used 40 parts , that has a unique red chalk dust talcum powder caked al over them all the time ?

them Blokes in OZ no Doubt ......

they don't car water wash land cruisers there ever !

there is NO water , its like the surface of MARS !

but , sweet sweet rust free 40 parts , who cared ..........
Red dust is allergic to water. Once it get in/on you car that is its new home.

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Oct 4, 2004
I've done the 2FE conversion and it is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done to any 60 I have owned. I just drove from Montana to Connecticut and got a steady 16 mpg while doing 75 mph without having to downshift on the hills. I also had the motor rebuilt when the conversion happened with +.02 pistons. I might have gone with the Sniper had I not had not needed the rebuild (had one cylinder at 70 psi) as it would have been a whole lot cheaper and easier. Regardless, the 2FE is the engine that Toyota should have built.

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