FJ60 disk break backplate eliminator kit (1 Viewer)

Aug 19, 2012
Eugene, OR
Has anybody used any of the third party back plate eliminator kits when servicing your steering knuckles? I am interested on figuring out how to solve the break line mounting brackets issue that mount onto the back plates.

These back plate eliminator kits are just a metal ring that takes the place of the backing plate. However on some FJ60s there is a bracket that holds the break line and attaches to the back plate. If I go with one of these back plate eliminators, how am I supposed to re-attach the brake line bracket?

If you can share pics of what your setup looks like would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Aug 1, 2014
I recently redid my brakes and got the braided hoses for the back plate delete from SOR and left the plate, just bypassed it. Worked well for me.

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