FJ45 PU Frames

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Feb 1, 2006
Greece, Germany
My brothers,I need your help!

Do you know if before and post 1979 FJ45 PU frames are identical?
Or there are differences just like in FJ40 frames?
In other words ,is it the swap of a 1983 PickUp tub in a 1976 PickUp frame just a bolt on application?

Thanking you in advance!:)
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As far as I know 1979 is a crucial year in the FJ40s: post 79 tubs don't much older frames(different body mounts etc).

Does it go the same for FJ45 LWB PickUps,given that there are some differences too ,
like tank outside the tub etc ???:hmm:

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I'm pretty sure that the major change of late 1978 models is that the fuel tank was taken out of the cab and put under the cab. This would make the frames different. Whether cab's are interchangeable , I don't know....probably.

Problem is that in US, we never got this vintage if 45 LWB, so that's probably why there is little response to your post.

Thank you for your reply HTH!

Perhaps, like in the FJ40s,the tank outside the cab
c o u l d make the frames different.

I guess there is more infrmation in Western Europe
( Germany,Herr Allan Greenspan ,Ich habe nichts von Ihnen gehört!) where corrosion obliges to such body swaps.

And of course our brothers in Australia should know more on it...:idea:

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( Germany,Herr Allan Greenspan ,Ich habe nichts von Ihnen gehört!)
Moin, moin...
zu dieser Frage kann (könnte) ich ja nur Vermutungen anstellen, da mir Fakten fehlen.
Vermutung ist, dass die Rahmen sich nicht wesentlich unterscheiden oder überhaupt nicht (höchstens eventuell in einigen Punkten wegen Unterflurtank)
Abmessungen Länge/Breite/ Höhe des 45 LWB haben sich ja über die Jahre nicht verändert, warum sollte dann der Rahmen gravierende Veränderungen aufweisen ?
Für Handwerker, versierte Schrauber * dürfte ein Umbau keine unüberwindliche Hürden darstellen.
Wie gesagt, alles nur Vermutungen und nicht verbindlich.
In diesem Sinne verbleibe ich mit
freundlichen Grüßen

* bin ich nicht, arbeite mit dem Kopf ( I´m a brain worker not a craftsman ) ;)

For english guys: I don`t think the frames are much different.
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Found this on mud

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For the rest of us...translated by google...:D

to this question can (could), I do so only guess, since I have no facts.
Presumption is that the frames do not differ significantly or not at all (maximum possible number of points for underfloor tank)
Dimensions Length / Width / Height of the 45 LWF have not changed through the years, why then have the framework of serious changes?
* is expected for craftsmen, experienced a conversion wrench not represent insurmountable obstacles.
As I said, all just speculation and not binding.
In this sense, I remain
I recall a similar thread a long time ago...

I know the steering boxes are different as on 40's. Later style is better. I also believe there is more reinforcement or boxing on the later frames. Some frames even had obvious splice points. I believe some of the body or bed mounts were different.
If you need a replacement and are putting a newer frame on an older truck it would be an upgrade vs. the original design. I would expect some custom fabrication and adaptation but not a lot.

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