FJ40 "soft" and "cool" parts in WNC #1

Sep 11, 2008
North Carolina
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Spring time cleanup! I just stumbled over some FJ40 parts left from my previous projects. All parts located in Asheville, NC (And,yes, same beautiful Asheville where Mr. President vocations this weekend. So do not miss opportunity to see him, his lovely family and the swarm of Secret Service agents;)).
Due to size, nature and shipping costs of the parts I'd prefer local pick-up, for right now. All parts should work on all years of FJ40(slight mods may be needed on some). I will send more pics for serious inquiries. I also have more parts and will start a new threads - just watch the sequence #s of the posts. I'd also prefer phone calls (828-242-6966) or PM,so I can better manage the responses.

SOR soft half doors - great condition,door strykers included. There two very,very tiny holes and very superficial rust on handles-otherwise SOLD!

Kaylline bikini softtop(Fast Track) - great used condition,no holes,straps and buttons intact. No windshield chanel SOLD!

Kayline full soft top(Fast Track) - overall,good used condition,all straps/buttons intact,no cracked plastic windows, zippers are flawless). Windows need clean-up to be fully transprarent and sticker glue removed from the rear. There are two small/repairable tears in the back/inside(absolutely non-crucial locations). Bows only and instalation manual included but there is no other hardware - $220
Thanks, Dennis :cool:.
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