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    Work in progress, many links are not active yet but we're working on it! :)

    The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the FJ Cruiser tech section continues to be a work in progress. The goal is to have links in the below to other threads and tech articles. By having these linked, instead of pasting the text, the threads will remain live. The live threads can continue to be updated and/or modified for things such as part numbers, adding on additional insight or after a period of time, some follow up information.

    These FAQs will be put together by FORUM members. We want this to become a great resource for FJ Cruiser owners, so make the best of it!
    Again, these will continue to be updated and we will continue to add new ones as we move forward.
    If you have an idea for a new faq, or would like to take ownership of pulling one together, then don't be shy about it, you'll be helping everyone

    Acronyms and Definitions - Wondering what those Acronyms mean, look here. PM a mod if you see one missing.

    General Info- The General Links include model info and if you are thinking of buying or getting ready to look at an FJ Cruiser, look here for helpful links.

    Modifications - Need to start modifying your rig? Look here for what other forum members have done from roof racks, tires, lifts, ATRAC hacks, to . . . . If you have an idea, let us know and we can add it! Some modifications are also included in the Accessories link below

    Maintenance/Trail Fix items- If you need to perform some maintenance from CV's to ABS sensors, Fluid Changes, Filters, Injector Cleaning to wiper blade changes, look here! In addition, our local Oil experts provide their recommendations.

    Bling- Need to add a little Bling, add leather, make the paint shine, look here!

    Repairs - Snapped a ABS line during a lift? Broke a tie-rod on the trail?

    Forum Member Mods - - Links to threads showing, bumpers, sliders, lifts, tires, OnBoard Air Systems, etc. as they look installed on your fellow members rides. Also a Link to Storage ideas can be found here

    Where can I get those Accessories - Links to Vendor sites for lots of those great accessories.
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    Please PM me for additions/corrections. Thanks!

    Common Forum Lingo:

    AFAIK - As far as I know
    BTW - By the way
    FWIW - For What it's worth
    FYI - For your information
    IIRC- If I recall correctly
    IMHO - In my humble opinion
    IMO - In my opinion
    LMAO - Laughing my @$$ off
    LOL - Laugh out loud
    OTOH - On the other hand
    ROTFLOL - Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
    ROTFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
    RTFM - Read the F-ing Manual
    YMMV - Your methods/mileage may vary

    Technical Acronyms:

    1GR-FE= 4.0 Liter V6 used in the FJ Cruiser

    ABS - Acronym for Anti-lock Braking System. This system uses a computer to control your brakes on your car by applying and releasing your brakes quickly to prevent skidding or sliding from occuring.

    ATRAC; also A-TRAC - Automatic Traction Control. Uses the ABS system as a traction aid by activating the brakes to "lockup" the wheels momentarily to create traction.

    VSC - Vehicle Skid Control. This applies the brakes to modulate high speed manuvers (e.g. a slippery, ice-strewn road) to keep the FJ Cruiser from loosing traction due to excessive speed or sudden loss of traction.

    DAC- Downhill Assist Control. This applies the ABS system to 'crawl' down steep, loose terrain with a minimum of sliding or loss of control. Activated by a dash switch while in 4Lo

    CDL Switch- Center Differential Lock Switch- Switch installed to allow the Center Differential to be locked when the transfer case is in High. The actual Center Differential Lock is in the Transfer Case.

    A-TRAC Switch- Activates the traction control for slow speed, offroad use.

    Rear Locker Switch; RR Locker Switch - This locks the rear differential so both rear wheels rotate at the same speed no matter what.

    Reference on operation of Center Differential. Diffs and Difflocks for Dummies (George Couyant from - Can Purchase CDL from Cdan (Toyota) or

    ALT - Alternator: power generator for automobiles

    ARB - australian 4x4 accessories manufacturer

    AT - Automatic Transmission

    MT - Manual Transmission. Also referred to as MT6 (6 speed manual)

    AT - (tires) All Terrain

    M&S - (tires) Mud and Snow

    MT - (tires) Mud Terrain

    ATF - Automatic Transmission fluid

    CV- Constant Velocity Joints: Found in the front axles of our rigs; they are constant velocity joints that transmit power through variable angles, at constant velocities. There are two most commonly used types of CV joints: ball-type and tripod-type. Different variations of ball-type CV joints are commonly used on the outer side of the drive shaft, while tripod-type CV joints mostly used on the inner side. Most common problem with the CV joints is when the protective boot gets damaged. Once this happens, the grease comes out and the moisture and dirt come in, eventually causing the CV joint to fail due to lack of lubrication and corrosion.

    Coilover - The shock and coilspring are combined into one unit. The FJ Cruiser uses 'coilovers' in the front suspension

    UCA - Upper Control Arm. This is the upper A-arm in the front suspension, commonly reffered to when thinking of upgrading the suspension.

    Uniball UCA - A Upper Control Arm with a spherical ball joint that allows for greater range of motion than the stock ball joint, which is limited in it's range of movement.

    LT; Long Travel - A 'kit' that has longer UCA's, CV's, Tie Rods. This basically widens the front track to gain wheeltravel. LT suspensions are used for high speed desert running.

    TRE - Tie Rod Ends.

    CEL - check engine light, sometimes refers tocode that cuased light that can be read by a code reader

    DS- Driver's side

    DS: Drive Shaft=shafts that carry power and torque from the engine/tranny/xfer case to the axles.

    DC DS=Double Cardan Drive Shaft=a pair of joints in a drive shaft that allows the tube to move in various directions and angularities.

    Diffs - Differentials: found in the front and rear axles that consists of gears that transmit equal power and torque even if they rotate at different speeds.

    EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve

    EWD or WD - Electrical Wiring Diagram, (part of FSM set)

    FSM - Factory Service Manual. The "bible" as published by the manufacturer. Used to guide in repairs

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Land Cruiser Prado - A 120 series Toyota SUV which the FJ Cruiser shares many mechanical parts and structure.

    GSJ-15 - A 4WD FJ Cruiser powered by the 1GR-FE engine.

    GSJ-11 - A 2WD FJ Cruiser powered by the 1GR-FE engine.

    HG - Head Gasket

    JDM- Japan Domestic Market- Refers to items particular to vehicles manufactured and sold in the Japanese market.
    Items include but are not limited to:
    Power retracting mirrors
    Dual air conditioning
    Adjustible shocks
    and various cool and some gawdy accessories.

    LB/FT - pound feet of torque

    LB/IN - pound inches of torque

    LHD (Left-Hand Drive): steering wheel on the left side, driving on the right side of the road

    MAF - Mass air flow sensor

    MIL - Malfunction Indicator Light (same as a CEL)

    NA - Naturally Aspirated - An engine that is not turbocharged nor supercharged

    OBDII - On Board Diagnostics Port available on ALL cars sold in the US 199 and later. Allows a common intercface tool to be connected to read and reset engine fault codes (CEL). Many Autpart stores will read your code for free vs. paying the dealer.

    OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer. (Toyota in this case)

    OME - Old Man Emu. An Australian four wheel drive specialty manufacturer that makes all kinds of cool stuff that causes us to empty our billfolds.

    PCV Valve - The Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve is an emissions control device that routes unburned crankcase blowby gases back into the intake manifold where they can be reburned.

    PM - preventive mantenance

    PM - private message

    PO - Previous owner

    POS - Piece of S#1T

    PS- Passenger side

    PSI - Pounds per square inch - A measure,emt of pressure.

    RHD (Right-Hand Drive): steering wheel on the right side, driving on the left side of the road.

    RPM - Rotations Per Minute

    SOA - Sprong Over Axle - A suspension lift for a leaf (Vs 120 series coil) spring suspension. It places the leaf springs on top of the axle vs the bottom.

    SC or S/C = Supercharger/Supercharged

    SSM - Special Service Materials

    SST - Special Service Tools

    SUA = Spring under axle. Stock configuration for a Leaf (80's use Coil)Spring Vehicle (vs. SOA previously mentioned).

    TB - Throttle Body: controls air flow into engine system in response to gas pedal depression.

    TC or T/C = Turbocharger/Turbocharged

    TLCA - Toyota Land Cruiser Association ( - The Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA) is a 4 wheel drive organization open to all Toyota 4 wheel drive vehicles (except sedan types). This includes all models of Land Cruisers, 4Runners, and 4x4 trucks.

    USDS- US driver's side or the left-hand side of the vehicle.

    USPS - US passenger side or the right-hand side of the vehicle.

    xfer=Transfer case: sits behind transmission, has front and rear drive shafts coming out of it, and distributes power from the transmission to the front and rear differentials/axles.

    Part-time 4wd; part-time t-case - This allows the disconnect of power to the front wheels, making it a RWD (rear wheel drive) vehicle. The activation of a switch or lever to 'lock' the front driveshaft makes full-time 4wd.

    Fulltime 4wd - The vehicle is always in 4wd with power to all 4 wheels at all times.
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    Squeaky clutch bearing TSB document attached...

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    I bought a new 2013 FJ Cruiser two months ago. I have put 5000 miles on it. Drove it earlier today to the store & back. Hours later, I went through the garage to dump the trash, and heard a buzzing sound. Turns out it was coming from the back of my new vehicle. I opened the back door, and put my ear to the mat. You could clearly hear it. It sounded like a fuel pump or something, or a rely going crazy. I got the keys, and started the FJ, shut it off, and it stopped? What is/was it? I do not believe it would have stopped without cycling the ignition.
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    Strange noise.
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