FJ-60 Tuner Question

Aug 11, 2003
Bought my 60 with 184 on the clock. I started tuning it up the other day and found where the previous owner pownded the coil wire into the cap. Split the cap on both sides of the plug in. Obviously that way for a long time. I replaced everything. The coil was corroded badly from arching and neglect. I cleaned it well at the coil and replaced wires. Idle was very low when I restarted. I turned up the idle screw and now its good.

I get fluctuating idle now. Some times I also have trouble during start up. Feels like no power to starter, but there is. Do I need a new coil??? Can I use an aftermarlet MSD unit??
How do I wire it?? Just the two wires only??
Mar 27, 2003
You might also look for intake leaks, which are common on high mileage 2Fs. Get the 2F emissions manual for help with setup.

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