Fitting a 2F Air Cleaner to F1.5 Motor

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Jul 1, 2019
San Antonio
I recently added power steering using Georg's kit and it's probably the best upgrade yet. The challenge I have run into is that I had to abandon the original air cleaner as the saginaw pump mounting location interfered with it. I have an 11/1974 build date with an F1.5 motor. So from what i can tell, I have all the head provisions that a 2F has, mounting holes for the 2F air cleaner, mounting holes for the 2F alternator bracket, etc. I also fitted it with a 2F valve cover as I couldnt get the stamped steel one to stop leaking. Problem is the 2F air cleaner doesnt line up with the carburetor. Any suggestions? Will swapping to a 2F manifold fit and cure this problem? I dont see a part number on my manifold.





As you can see in this picture, the aluminum 1" spacer is about the dimension this is "off."


Usually I see people put the 2F vcover on with original f air cleaner … you can see the nice pretty cover that way :)

But… u will get interference with your original set up

U will need two measurements from a 2F

The valve cover stud to head intake side distance


The intake head side to Carb hole distance

Then you can see what the issue is with
Yes, i think you need a 2F intake manifold to make your air filter fit right. And maybe the insulator that goes between carb and manifold (the one with the heat shield).
The 2F intake positions the carb slightly differently than the F manifolds.
I made a couple little brackets like this out of heavy duty washers to mount the 2F air cleaner on a 2F with earlier intake manifold. The first image shows the one I used on the side of the engine block.

Perhaps you could make something similar.


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Pig head is right.

The 1.5F manifold is a different length than the 2F manifold…. The carburetor is an a slightly different position.

But if you change the manifold, you will have to modify your throttle linkage….

I like the offset washer solution, or just use a thin piece (1/4”?) steel with a couple of holes drilled in it…

This is helpful, thank you all. I have a friend with a 76 and 2F motor so I can grab some measurements from that rig. I am waiting a couple parts, but will shortly be converting to a sniper EFI, so the 2F manifold with insulator/heat shield would be a nice add to keep heat off the Sniper unit.
Do any of you all know if the 2F intake/exhaust manifold fits on a F1.5?
F intake and exhaust fit on a 2F with tweaks so I would assume the opposite would also be true, probably require some minor modification to something.
Used to run a 2F intake on an F head. The only difference I remember is the F head studs that hold it on are thinner than the 2F ones were but it works just fine. 👍
I ran that settup for awhile. You are on the right track. I built a spacer, probably a little more than 1" thick to move the housing over like you have on the head with the aluminum spacer. I then built new "L" brackets for the cleaner housing to valve cover mount. On mine I had to lower the whole thing a bit too for a tight seal on the carb. I had to clearance the bottom of the aircleaner housing a tad with a ballpeen hammer to clear the valve cover nuts.

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