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Feb 23, 2023
Holmes Beach. FL
So I did a thing recently and pulled the trigger on a 1980 FJ45 as a retirement gift to myself.

Seller was nearing completion on restoration and needed money for another project.






As it sits, vehicle has a few issues and I am currently ISO a good mechanic to go through it and give me a professional opinion.

It's leaking what appears to be some hydraulic fluid as well as some oil....which from what I read is not terribly unusual.

It is tricky to get started, and requires a few pumps of the gas pedal, and then holding the pedal to the floor at ignition, but once turned over it seems to idle fine.

Just interested in any tips or exactly where to get started....seemed like having an experienced mechanic go through it would be best course.

Also if anyone recommends any shops in South FL with particular experience on these vehicles please feel free to share.


That's OK, such a sexy beast can grace us with its image here in the 80 section.
Love the 40's; I'm wanting one real bad. Congrats on the new toy and your retirement.
Why not work on it yourself? They are as simple a vehicle as they come. Similar complexity as a Cj6 or M170.
Rusty I am not an experienced wrencher...change a tire....oil change....simple stuff, no problem....I just dont have a lot of practical experience....I did order the service manual for the vehicle and I aspire to be able to do more down the road....but I need to get it driveable sooner than later...and would just like to get a "professional opinion" on triaging and dealing with issues...rather than go down a rabbit hole of tearing it apart myself...
That is a great retirement gift. Congratulations. I second your recommendation to get it on the road.

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