Finally found ny first 40!!

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Mar 10, 2009
Ocala, FL
After several months of looking, I finally found a nice 79 FJ40 in Macon , GA. Drove up last week and towed it home. Nice driver truck - it already has an Aqualu 3/4 tub, although the firewall / cowl has some pitting from a leaky clutch and/or brake master cylinder. Was looking for a realitively easy father / son restification project. This truck is a really solid starting point since the basics are all there and I don't have to deal with rust in the tub (I hate rust - had to rebody a 68 Camaro several years ago because the rust was so bad) Plans include a 4" HFS lift with2.5" shackles, an M8274-50 winch, new seats, a repaint into Nordic Blue, major sound deading and insulation for a vintage air AC system and a Vortec 6.0L conversion. Still deciding if I will stay with the factory 4 speed or convert to the automatic that is mated to the vortec.

I have done 4 other restorations, ranging from easy to pretty involved, but don't consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I have spent countless hours here on Mud and have learned a lot and think I have a pretty good plan worked out. I'm sure I will have lots of dumb noob questions and make more than a few mistakes along the way, but will enjoy the journey reguardless.


Nice truck.

It will look really good in Nordic Blue.

Plan for the auto. If I were going to build another driver, it would have a V8 and an auto.

The 1962 FST truck we built for a customer a couple years ago had a RamJet 350 and a TH350, and was a hoot!

Seems to run pretty well - sounds like it is pinging at higher RPM with a load - I think it is the advance setting, but haven't really looked at it yet. Will keep you in mind, it may be a while before I am ready to get rid of it. Still trying to source a good, low mileage LQ9 6.0L from an avalanche or pre 07 escalade.
my, o, my ...

that is a sweet start.:clap::)
Nice Score!!
keep the color

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