Fan removal question

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Dec 27, 2017
Are the 4 nuts (12mm) holding the fan on reverse thread? Do I loosen them counter clockwise or clockwise? I'm removing my radiator and I'm not having any luck getting them loose. Is there a trick to keeping it still without hold the belt?

I tried to leave it on and push the shroud back but one of the cooler hose clamps is upside down....therefore have to remove the fan to get to it. Removing the radiator turned out to be more of a pain than I expected. Thanks
Certainly not the first person to struggle with that.

Suggestions for removing stubborn fan bolts. That's the one that came up in my very quick search a minute ago 9after reading your post.

Dont take this the wrong way, it was said to me by a guy I used to work with
"Sometimes you have to be a little bit smarter than the nut/bolt your working on"
Not reverse thread.
I used two box wrenches to break mine loose. Mine was original and on there pretty good. Sprayed it with free all , drank a #6, and they came off.

Not reverse btw
^^ This

Still sort of pain, but they will break free.
Thanks everyone. I have searched this several times this weekend but didn't see anything on the reverse thread or not. Pretty much what I got from my searches was have spare 12mm bolts lol.
Use a 2nd box wrench that fits loosely over the nuts, as an opposing lever.
Fit it over another nut/stud on the opposite side from the one you are loosening, and lever it against the body of the pulley.
Then, you have 2 levers working against each other, canceling the torque that you need to loosen the nut you are working on, so the pulley cannot spin.
You can use a pry bar between an opposing nut and the pulley to hold it. Try to use quick, fast movements to break it loose.

Break all loose before removing them

You can also try to wedge between the pulled and block but that's a risk of damaging the pulley. So use the old belt or something.

A rubber strap wrench works well too

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