Fan/Fan Shroud Problem

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Feb 18, 2007
I have a 2/71 FJ40 with an F engine. I was driving on the highway today and suddenly something snapped and started repeatedly thumping (it sounded awful). I pulled over to find that one of the metal fan blades had completely busted off (sitting below my radiator) and the fan shroud was bent to hell. Another of the metal fan blades was cracked about half way across. The bottom passenger side bolt on the fan shroud was busted off. The shroud was bent so that the remaining fan blades continued to contact it.

My question is: what could have caused this mess? It looks like the shroud was bent at badly at the bottom. The fan blades were contacting the shroud on the bottom driver's side. The fan shroud didn't just bend itself--what could have caused the problem? Has anyone else had this problem?

Also, what's the best place to find a new shroud/fan blades?
Not at all uncommon with the original metal fan; Vibration causes stress cracks which after being ignored for years finally deteriorate to the point that the fan blade separates from the fan assembly and gets thrown somewhere. Be glad it did not go through your radiator, hood, or someone’s head. :eek:

My water pump shaft snapped back in 2000 while in the Black Hills for the Cruiser Classic. It sent the fan blade assembly through the radiator lower tank. :meh:

Post up in the wanted section. I am sure that someone has the parts you need lying around.

Use the search feature. Guys are replacing the metal fans with a plastic blade fan, you may need to run a spacer as well.
Thanks guys. I'm really glad that it wasn't worse! Does anyone know where I can find a plastic fan for a 2/71 FJ40? Man-a-fre and Specter don't seem to have them.
I went with the plastic fan from Marks. I have 2 of the metal ones if you choose to go that route. Where are you located. I could bring it to you at our swap meet if in Nor Cal

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