Family Roll Cage - Modify or Buy New

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Mar 14, 2015
I need some advice from those that have been there done that...

I have a '75 FJ40. I need a full roll cage that protects my kid in a front facing bench seat (Little Passengers). I bought a used full roll cage (blasted, primed and painted with roll-bar paint), which the prior owner said he thought was from Redline Cruisers. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to fit my truck. The length and height are right, it fits under the hard top, but the front leg span is too wide. I tried winching the front legs in, but still cannot close both doors (it binds near the top of the dash). Also, this puts the bar to close to my clutch pedal. I am guessing the prior owner either never used it with doors, or did an earlier/later year FJ40 have thinner doors???

Anyway, I have two options:
(1) Modify the existing roll bar. Cut and narrow the cross bar that runs parallel to the dash. Bend the front legs to maximize footroom clearance . Sand and repaint to match. I have a welder, but don't have a tube bender or experience doing so...
(2) Buy a new roll cage (I've read good things about the Metal Tech kit), assemble, paint, install and then try to sell my old roll cage.

What would you do?



That's a good idea. I would like to see what a local shop would charge to modify what I have. I already sandblasted, primered and painted the roll cage, so I know I have a good foundation.
As for an FYI, I run the same cage as yours, less the family added on part. I'm pretty sure it's a Smittybuilt cage. I rarely run doors, and I've only run soft doors a few times, so I have no experience with hard door fitment. I think checking with a local welder or racing shop to alter or make a new frt cage may be a good idea. Also, I think Metaltech offers a frt hoop kit to add on to a stk roll bar, which might fit your existing cage. You might ask them.
Looks like it was meant for the earlier skinny doors. Mine is mounted up font on a plate like that with the square plate out by the door sill like yours wants to fit. Once strap is removed.
Could you half split? Swap out your existing front cage for a the metal tech cage ?

I could not see the full picture of your front hoop, but the metal tech follows the profile of the dash, giving you a little more room getting in and out. If this is an option, you could them a call and see if this is doable. or 503-822-1111

No affiliation, just a customer

Thanks for confirming the differences in pre-75 cages. I really appreciate the great suggestions! I ended up having the front upper bar cut to remove about two inches. This reduced the width and brought the uprights in just enough to close the doors with a little clearance. I had an outer sleeve added over the cut for rigidity/safely. I wish I would have seen Lil'John's suggestion earlier about the inner sleeve, as I think that would have been better... Oh well. See pics below of the finished product. . Now I just need to fabricate the mounting braces for under the truck.

I have another question for the community... When I took off the top off, there was significant rust in the rail between the tub and sides. One side is treatable with sanding/blasting, but the other side will need to be cut out... I want to put the top back on, but I am not planning on taking on any major body work until this Winter or Winter 2020. So, what is a good temporary rust treatment? Should I POR the limited area to stop/slow the rust? Do you recommend something else? What would you do?

Thanks again!




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