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Nov 9, 2004
Kent England
I have to replace my tyres very soon, I also live in the UK so the choice of tyres are a bit limited over here, I normally have a more of a road tyre fitted, but that makes it very limited when going off road, I am now thinking of a tyre that can go off road, but what are off road tyres like when doing highway driving?

I am thinking of the Falken AT tyre, which on their web site, says they are "off road" other sites say they are all terrain, I assumed AT meant all terrain, not sure why the Falken site say "off road"

Do they sell Falken over in the USA? if so, and if anyone has used them, what are they like off road? and what would they be like on road? I normally cruise at about 75 -80 mph

This is a link to the Falken tyre I am thinking of getting

Falken Tyres - Search Results
They do sell Falken tires/ tyres here.

I have not used 'em.

They look like many traditional AT tires and I'm sure do fine off road until you get into the muck. And, I'm sure would be fine on your motorways as well. They seem less agressive then the VERY popular BFGoodrich AT- and lots of folks here use them both off-road and on.
Cheers Doc, I priced up the goodrich and the come out at £130 each and the Falken come out at £82 I dont have a great deal of cash at the moment so am opting for the Falken which saves me £200, if I had the spare cash I would go for the Goodrich, but I also need my wheels refurbished and that £200 saving will go to doing the wheels.
Yeah, for $400 in savings I'd go with the falkens too. I've decided I've definately got too much 'tire' on my truck for it to be much of a daily driver. Next batch of tires will be more A/T oriented.
i didn't know falken made AT tires...and just by looking it don't look like much of an AT. how about firestone destination ATs? they look a little better
Had the Falkens for just over a year, really improved my on road sport truck driving feel. But......after inspection of tires, found three of them had the tread seperating inside the tire.... found a new brand tire. They were so so off road.

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