Engel MT60 combi Fridge & Freezer

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Jun 15, 2006
Lincoln, NE
Engel has had a 60 quart combination Fridge/Freezer on the US market for 2 years now. I'm looking for the "MT60 combi" unit with a divider between the 40* fridge and 0*-40* freezer compartments.

So, does anyone have any experience with this unit?

Does anyone know of a mud vendor who sells -this- machine?

I've only seen it online at boat shops so far. For the fridge, slide & transit bag they're wanting around $1500.

I haven't seen anyplace where this particular model has been crossed to the Norcold or ARB brands.

So, who's your favorite Engel dealer?
Thats a conundrum.

Baja Overland

He's Boston Mangler on Mud and Expo Portal.

OK, the following gets to be a bit long. It is -NOT- intended as negative towards anyone.

I haven't ever seen his banner advertised here.

Although he's on Mud and has a store front, he's not a mud vendor at this point. No red star on his name/etc...

I'd rather buy from a supporting advertiser. At this point though, Boston Mangler is my 2nd option since he falls somewhere in between.

I won't step out and pay a ton more to buy from an Ih8mud vendor, but when all else is similar, I give them more credibility. Why? Because they've survived the crowd here and I can't see that happening without standing behind great products with excellent customer service. Otherwise we'd all bash them right out of business. Plus they've stepped up to the line with the $$$ to support the hall that houses the crowd.

I'm sure Boston Mangler is a great guy and I've found his take on the 80s tech to be very helpful.
He seems to be offering great products at competitive prices.

If I can't find what I'm looking for at a competitive price from an IH8MUD vendor, then Boston Mangler is next in line for my business.

So... after the long explanation, does anyone know of a mud vendor that would have the MT60 combi and the slide and the transit bag all in stock?
Am I better off with ice or an Engle?

I have also considered getting two MT35s with expanders and using one for a fridge the other as a freezer instead of a single MT60.

So... my biggest fears with moving to an Engle system? The unkown. My main yearly trip is kayaking with a big group of drunkards. We camp 4 days & 4 nights. One day is spent golfing 18 holes with sand greens. Two days are spent kayaking. The other day is 1/2 on the front & half on the back of the trip. The end effect is that I pull into camp, park and the next time the engine is started is 3-4 days later. I'm the cook for 16-20 people.

Right now I'm using a 60 and a 120 quart Igloo 5 day coolers and it gives me about the right volume to feed 16 people for 4 days in very high style and room for beer for me and enough ice to hold it all cold for 4 days in 110* heat. At the start of the trip though about 60% of the cooler space is in ice. I consolidate to the 120 quart unit on day 3. Yeah, thats about 100lbs of ice right out of the gate.

I can look at a cooler full of ice, shove my hand to the bottom and get a good idea of how it's holding up. Thats a lot harder to do with a battery.

The coolers sit in the shade under a tree with breezes blowing in off of a river. The Engel(s) would have to sit in a locked and sealed FZJ80 in 110* heat with the inside of the truck approaching 150*.

Running an MT60-combi on a pair of Optima D31A batteries, will I be able to get 4 days of cold without running the truck? In 150* peak ambient conditions (to the fridge).

Are Engle fridges so efficient that they can hold cold on a single battery for 4 days? I.e would I be able to throw it strictly on one of my dual batteries?

My third option is to get a medium sized 3-way RV fridge. Then I would need to build it into the back of my 80 with the combustion vent stack running out the corner vent. And mount a 20lb propane tank, etc...

Or I could keep the ice thing going. Decisions.
Let's assume worst case and the mt60-combi is running 100% of the time. 3.6A * 96 hours is 345.6 AH maximum use. I've heard they are designed to run under 50% duty cycle in a 90F environment but I couldn't track that information down today. With a bit of reserve that may allow you to run it with 200AH so a 250AH battery bank should do it.

PS, you can put the Engal under a tree too, and just run a cord from the truck to it. Just make sure that cord is made of a heavy gauge wire and you should be fine.

You could also use a solar panel. With a 100W panel I bet you would cover most if not all the MT60's power use. That assumes 5-6 hours full sun on the solar panel.
I have an Engel MT60 in my trailer, not the combi but anyhow, it's connected to a 240 amp hour Battery and I can leave it running for 4 to 5 days easily, with a solar panel you'll be set for sure.

I can see the advantage of two MT35 instead of one MT60 when it comes to organization and convenience, but they will use more power than the MT60 for sure.

Cruiseroutfitters.com also sells fridges and can probably get the combi unit for you. Kurt is a good guy and is a fellow Mudder.

I presently own the Norcold 60L fridge and it rocks. One thing you have to remember is that you can pack it full of food more efficiently since there is no ice to eat up valuble storage space. Once you use one, you won't ever go back to an ice chest.
BTW Engel and ARB are the exact same machine, The only difference, other than the badges, is that the ARB has a build in thermometer.

As far as I can tell, there is no 'combi' fridge badged with ARB.

The newest Engel fridges have thermo readouts on them. The model in question (MT60 combi) has one.
I think the 60 quart fridge should be large enough for what you are doing. Ice is currently taking up a lot of space in your coolers as is the Beer. You can add beverages to the fridge as needed. It will cool them down fast unlike adding them to a cooler would.

With your dual battery system 4-5 days should not be a problem either unless you have other current draws. A small solar panel would cure this.

I have a 43 quart Engel. Best item I've purchased for the Crusier to date.

Plenty of MUD vendors should be able to supply you with one. I got mine a Cabela's with a bunch of gift certificates I had, otherwise Slee would have gotten my money.

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