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Apr 18, 2013
Let me start off by saying that I was very impressed by the quality of this exhaust at first. I put it on and then things started to go wrong... there was always a rattle around 1750 rpm and shortly after I put it on the metal on the flex connector began to come off. It wasn't until a few months ago that I noticed that the rear axle had hit the exhaust pipe and put a dent in it. Shortly after that I heard a rattling coming from the exhaust bracket near the cat... I tried to bring it to the local Toyota dealership to have them fix the bracket and the flex connector and they tried to sell me a brand new exhaust system. I original spent the 1350$ on the ems exhaust because I thought it was going to last the "lifetime of my cruiser" and I figured that was a better investment the few hundred dollars that my factory exhaust needed to be fixed. Has any else had issues like this?? How good is ems about covering their lifetime warranty?




How old is that exhaust? It doesn't appear to be the current version the flex section definitely looks different.

Of course the dealership tried to sell you a new OEM exhaust that is how they make their living. The brackets that broke would simply needed to be rewelded. Just find a welder than can do stainless. (but that exhaust doesn't even appear to be stainless?)
Can't be stainless. Must be an early version...

Exhaust shop and 15 minutes will fix you... They can also probably make a few adjustments to take out any areas that might have sagged are are now rattling.

Best of luck-

Yes it is the 304 stainless. hence the 1350$ shipped. I got it a little more than a year ago... last august.
How good is ems about covering their lifetime warranty?

You won't know until you call them. Taking any exhaust issues to a dealer is a mistake, especially with an aftermarket, non-EPA approved system. Their only answer has to be, "buy a new, factory exhaust system".

A good exhaust shop can set you straight quickly, but you may chat with EMS first. Broken pipes, rattles, etc can also mean a bad install job.
Did you contact EMS? I have a system on order and I'm curious as to what they have to say about your issues.
I am having the same issue with the flex piece. I put mine on around the same time as you did last year, August 2013. I have emailed them off their site multiple times. The first time I emailed them they got right back to me and wanted my shipping address to send me a shipping label to fix it. I told them it was my only vehicle and they said it wouldn't take long to fix it and send it back. I never got the got the label and have never gotten any other response. My exhaust also looks like yours. I looks like rust but I don't believe it is. They don't have a phone number listed on the site and when I searched online for one I saw them listed under the BBB site. No number but an F rating due to customer complaints. The exhaust was beautiful but I wish they would stand behind their work.
Is all "304 stainless" the same composition?
Did you sneak into my shop and take a picture of my EMS exhaust? Mine looks just like that after 1 Ohio winter. My mesh at the flex pipe is about gone and what is left looks identical to the one on the right. New I could have shaved using it...
Put In a charge back with your credit card. Tell them that you were extremely unhappy with the quality you received thst it wasn't as advertised. Ems phone number is now disconnected they don't return emails I'd be surprised if they were still in business. I purchased a heat shield and other items last november. U received the other items but never the heat shield. I just called my credit said company two weeks ago and told them my story and had them do a charge back for the full amount.
Everyone do yourselves a favor and buy a pair of highly rated flex sections off of Amazon and have them welded in by a local exhaust shop.

I my replacement downpipe (that I got after six months of complaining) performed equally crappy as the first.

I bought the flex sections myself, welded them in, and header wrapped them.

I only have 3 months on the replacements, but no issues yet
This is mine after less than a year. I tried multiple times to get EMS to take care of it. I even filed a complaint with the BBB. They couldn't get a response either. Now I'm replacing the whole exhaust again. Absolutely ridiculous! Do not buy this exhaust!




I placed about a $200 order with EMS on June 1st. Order is still pending and no replies. The good news is that I used a gift certificate so I'm out nothing. Don't waste your $ or your time with EMS.
Scottryana, you must have been built the truly stainless system that Baktash only uses for the locals. Kudra's definitely wasn't. Sorry to hear about your problems, I almost ordered a complete exhaust a year ago with the gift certificate. So glad I didn't go that route.
No all the exhausts were built in 1 or 2 factories. There were very few custom exhausts built in house. I know the guy who fabbed the original exhausts and then they would be sent out to be duplicated. Parts were cheapened and it looks like steel was also cheapened. They were all specced as stainless so looks like the outsourcing might end up hosing all of us.
I was pulling the exhaust off today to replace it. The flex joints were so weak I just gave the pipe a little tug and they both pulled apart. That is exactly what I was afraid would happen driving down the road. Complete garbage.
Yeah the rust conditions where you are look terrible. I can't believe that is 1 year. I am really surprised any exhaust survives. Sorry to see that the stainless ended up being s***. I guess I will have to keep an eye on mine, but last time I looked mine was still shiny after a year. What does a normal steel exhaust look like up there??

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