Emergency flasher fuse

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Mar 4, 2014
On my early 1971 FJ40 the wiring diagram shows the emergency flasher has an inline fuse. I pulled the plug off the back of the switch and none of the pins have power. Can anyone give me a clue where to find this fuse. It's the last electrical component I need to get working.
Take the grill off the cowl in front of the windshield. Then remove the two nuts that hold the plate on. Below that you will find the inline fuse. Back in the mid seventies the dealer told me it took a ton of work to get to the fuse and were going to change accordinyly.
Wow. I wonder why I couldn't find it. I'll look for it a little later. I never would have guess that at all
Thank you
Ok. Took off the grill. Found a pair of blue wires with a female connector
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1424641113.495099.jpg

Hooked up to nothing and red wire
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1424641160.460552.jpg

Hooked to nothing. The red wire has no power and not going to ground. May be for the rear heater I don't have.
The blue wires come out of the harness about 4 inches from the wires going to the emergency flasher switch. When I put power to them the carb solenoid clicks. I guess it's the ignition circuit.
I also can't find the emergency flasher. I read somewhere I thought that I didn't have one, it's wired to use the blinker relay.
Anymore info you may have would be appreciated
Seems it was during 71 that the wiring went from two flashers to just one. On the two flasher the turn signal one was mounted on the firewall to where the heater hose to thru. The hazard was over by the clutch pedal. I have a 71 wire harness somewhere, it must have been early because it still had two flashers and the inline fuse. The inline fuse was on main harness running across. I would make sure it's not on the underside of the harness or wrapped in electrical tape.
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1424647090.236861.jpg

I just found this. I have 8 wires on my hazard switch and most wiring diagrams show 4 or 6. So I'm sure this is for my 2/71.
I'll work again on it tomorrow since I now the the proper wiring diagram.
Thanks for your help. I'll let you know what I find.
The 71 FJ40 only has the one flasher. It is the large box version that bolts to the firewall, not the long round can version.
The Hazard Switch Fuse is taped to the main harness just to the right of where the fuse block wires join the main harness. You can remove the heater to get to it or go through the cowl vent. The fuse holder is clear plastic that gets brittle and fails. I carry a replacement fuse holder made of better thremoplastic if you need it.
Coolerman. Thanks for the pic. I'll
Try and hunt it down tomorrow.
I understand you carry the toyota connectors. I can use some if you sell them. I'll see how the fuse looks tomorrow.
Thank you guys. Found the fuse holder taped on the harness as you said. I soldiered a wire to the load side of the fuse and put an online blade fuse in and ran a wire to the fuse box. I'm not doing that again.
I was 21 when I bought my 68 used. This was in 1974 and in six years the PO had completely hacked the wiring. The flashers were the only think I couldn't get fixed. Dealer said there was a inline fuse buried up under the dash. Believe I was quoted two hour labor to repair. What ever it was it was way more than I could afford. Figured I could live with it until I could get around to tearing it apart. Found the fuse by accident. I always wonder if they knew the short cut and what they used to figure the timed to do it.
You and I are about the same age. My brother bought my 71 brand new. I drove it off the dealer lot. It's been in my family since. It spent the past 18+ years in my brothers barn in OK. I have it now the past year and bringing it back to life. It's all original still except it has a hard top and it's a FST.

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