Easy trans mount upgrade

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Oct 1, 2007
derry NH
So a couple days ago when i took out my interior to bed line the floor i noticed that my stick shifters had been coming in contact with my cab. I considered cutting the hole out a little bit bigger but then decided to find the cause of the problem instead. The first thing i looked at was the tranny mount to the cross member. Pulled it out and shore enough the rubber was completely separated from the steal on ether side of the mount. There was evan peaces of the rubber missing. Now i have always really liked the cross member tranny mount that marlin has. But could never bring myself to spend the $75 on it. So i decided to make my own out of the stock mount. Witch turned out far easier then i had expected. All you have to do is cut out the rubber and replace with some tubbing. Add some tabs to the bottom part and there you go. The whole thing took me about 3 hours with stuff i had laying around the garage.
Hot dang, I actually was just talking about this. What bushings did you use? If they are poly, how much added drive line vibration are you feeling in the seat? I have hesitated from these mounts because of the fear of added vibration more than cost. If those are just standard spring bushings, do you think they could be swapped out for some rubber ones?
Yes i used spring bushings. The tube i had left over from tube i used to make rear spring mounts. (i stole the tube from my dad sssshhhhh)
I used polly because it was what i had kicking around. And grade 8 bolts from napa with sleevs that i also had left over. (i have been impressed bye there bolt selection laitly) The only vibration i feel is from my tires when i am slowing down right befor stop. I think that is from my alignment because i just did a SAS and its not diled in yet. Have not noticed mutch motor vibration. I like this mod alot. I do notice a diference in the way it feels. Its nice and tight.
Jeez, if you're gonna steal my tubing, you could have at least made me one... ;)

Nice work Steve.

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