Early windshield vent questions

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Jun 4, 2009
New Smyrna Beach FL
I have the early fj40 spot welded windshield vent. I have looked at the great threads on this already, but I want to know any alternatives other then SOR. Is the SOR gasket just a flat piece of rubber, anything special about it. Could I get some rubber and make my own? I hate to get the one from SOR to find it to be a simple flat piece of rubber that I have to cut anyway to fit the earlier type cover.

Anyone ever put in a real hinge, or make their own solution for this. I have read many posts here, fj40 side as well as pirate where people complain about the SOR gasket leaking and whistling.
Did you find the thread where Jim (Cruiser_Nerd) cut and installed SOR on his FJ25 by cutting it. I plan on switching to the later vent the came apart and sandwiched the gasket. To me it's not worth trying to make my own gasket. I will check with Toyota to make sure it's not available new OEM.
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I read Cruise_Nerd post about installing by cutting, that raised my concern as to what is this gasket, if just flat rubber, it would cost me very little to try and make one. Mine has the gasket part, but the PO cut it where it was used like a hinge. I have all the metal parts.
I used 1/8" red rubber on my last one. Zero issues with leaking or noise. If you have one to pattern from I wouldn't bother with the SOR gasket since you have to cut out the entire center out anyhow. :wrench:
Just make sure whatever you use is UV stable don't want to be doing it again in a couple years.
Thanks Jim, that is what I wanted to hear, with your post on how to do this I think I can do it. Old one still in there should work for a template. I might put the studs in instead of spot welds, would hate to have to re do it years from now if I weld it back.
Chris, seeing you are going to make one of these gaskets, would you be kind enough to put a patton on the site, as i will have to make one. :beer:

Cheers Ian
I have a NOS OEM gasket that we can use as a template

Which one do you have? The early one that has the large cutout or the later one which will have eight holes where the gasket gets sandwiched between the vent and backing plates.

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