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Jun 7, 2011
Hendersonville North Carolina
All is going extremely well with my 95% completed 79 FJ55 - just fiddling with some rather minor things that really don't matter much but keep me in the garage and out of trouble.
Dome light recently went inop. Thought it was the light as upon inspection it was quite rusty - all cleaned up now.
Fuses good...
Wire chaser tool tones out the + wire just a few inches from the dome light - wire inside metal brace on interior roof?
Ohm meter indicates an open which seems unlikely...
I'm fortunate to still have original headliner do I cannot visualize the wire (headliner)
Anyone have a pic of the inside roof around the dome light?
Better yet - is the + wire one continuous piece or is the a junction/ crimp that's all rusted up like I suspect?
I might be able to see something on my parts wagon, I'll check tomorrow if not answered by then.
I looked at mine today and it has one wire coming in. Unfortunately someone replaced the original light and it has a connection on the wire.
Thanks - I'll hunt down the pics.

As for the pics of my 79, I knew I'd get called out on this eventually...
There's nothing secrective or evasive going on, I'm just not one to post much of my life online.

I'm right proud of the work on my Piggy as it's been a long hard grind from where I first started. And while I don't frequent this forum too often, there's give and take on this forum so I'll commit to getting pics posted along and along.
Sorry, fell asleep under mine yesterday;)

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