Dogs and 70’s

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Whenever I need to use the mirror to merge left, this is what I see instead. It happens most often on high-speed interstates.
Looks familiar to me too
Took my puppy to work yesterday. It was her longest trip so far in the 77, but she was very relaxed the whole time (just over an hour each way). I had her kennel in the back just in case but she was very content with her seatbelt anchor and her blanket.
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My dogs take a few minutes to settle down but every time you stop they jump up and the process starts all over again. 😁
HEY, no cats 😆

doesn't do so good while chewing

Nate (Aussie) and Violet (corgi) in the 74.

Is he hobbled?
Is he hobbled?
No it’s just a walking harness, looks weird in the photo. EZ-Walk is the name. Doesn’t pinch or choke and doesn’t allow him to pull. He doesn’t really pull anyways and he always walks with slack leash.

He’s only in it when we go to the store, mainly in case I need to pull him from other ahole dogs. People don’t bring your dog in public if it’s an ahole to people or other dogs.

yes...idiot people seem to have idiot dogs.... or the other way around
I have an a-hole dog, kinda sucks, but he loves me. Just hates everyone else. He's fine if left alone, and you don't try to be his friend, which goes for other dogs or people. My wife says he gets it from me. I'm a hater...
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yeah nothing wrong as long as you don’t put the ahole around others. Talking about the dog :)

We are never really around dogs as we live in the country so 99% of the time is away from aholes (talking about me as well I work from home 😂) it’s only visits to the hardware stores and the occasional mountain town visits full of tourist aholes.

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