Does this need to be rectified?

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Jan 8, 2012
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1993 FZJ80

I've noticed a low/rough idle in gear that seems to have appeared about the same time that my braking seems to have degraded a noticeable amount. I get a check engine light occasionally but it never stays on long enough for me to get a code.

You can see the hole in the lid by the nearest hose. The back hose has cracks. Have not determined If they are superficial or go deeper. Thoughts ?
JB Weld...

Of course, how the hell does that even happen?
There are a few threads on how to adapt a new charcoal canister
Agreed but it does raise a question as to why the cover is melted. Mine is still solid after ~23 years.
Dang. I think I have a vacuum leak. Was hoping this was part of it. Thnx gents.
Dang. I think I have a vacuum leak. Was hoping this was part of it. Thnx gents.

Hoses look a bit dry and toasty. Small crack showing at end of hose barb on inboard hose. Might be a good time to replace them.
Yeah, if I can't get that code pulled soon, I'm just going to start replacing vacuum lines.
If that one is that crispy, I'd bet others are, too. One at a time, though, otherwise it gets confusing. BTDT.
Check for vac leak at booster where big vac line goes in. Soap and water. Also pull vac line for booster off intake and check for carbon buildup.
Good stuff guys. Thnx. Would the codes still be stored even if the check engine light has gone off?

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