Does this hand cleaner still exist?

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Aug 16, 2011
It went on wet and dried rubbery, rolling up dirt an falling away like rubber cement or eraser shavings. It was waterless, and worked great! Anyone remember it? I had a sample maybe 10yrs ago, maybe in a black plastic bottle with purple(?) lid. Smelled good too. Musta had some carcinogen or rainforest element in it, to have disappeared so completely...
Never heard of it but sounds very cool... I'll try it if it can be found.


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I remember that stuff too. Came in a purple squeeze bottle. Haven't seen it in 10 years. Used to buy it from Autozone or Advance Autoparts and keep it in the FJ40 for trailside clean-up.

Trollhole: nope it's not Kresto or Invisable Glove. Kresto is still readily available from most any industrial supplier - I buy it from MSC or Enco whoever has it on sale the month I need a new bottle for the dispenser. Invisable Glove is still available too but it's not something I use.


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